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At, we are committed to providing a comprehensive online resource for Public Forum debate. As dedicated teachers and coaches who also competed at the highest levels in high school and collegiate debate, we want to provide an easy to use all-in-one Public Forum Debate resource with:

  • Debate Expertise. Public Forum is a rapidly advancing debate activity that will continue to grow with respect to both argumentation and technique. With decades of experience, we can offer a unique combination virtually none of our competitors can match: competitive success as debaters with competitive success as coaches.
  • Quality Research. We are disappointed with what's available in many of the briefs currently being offered for sale around the Internet. You deserve better. The truth is that we will outpace our competitors when it comes to the depth and quality of evidence. Take a look at our sample files from previous topics:

  • Innovative Thinking. The breadth of arguments being explored in Public Forum can be expanded. In addition to our regular topic analysis, we will provide a new file focused on critical theory (philosophy) as well as a rebuttal file answering the work produced by other sites. Both are sure to give you the winning edge.
  • Free Topic Analysis. We will work with our partners - national champion coaches and leading debate topic researchers - to produce timely, thoughtful, and insightful comments on each Public Forum topic.
  • Free Teaching Resources. We will continue to work to gather the available free teaching resources on Public Forum debate right here - your one-stop site for all things PF Debate! 

We have designed an exclusive collection of evidence-intensive files for monthly topics:

Our monthly file includes a broad collection of evidence that highlights the primary arguments found in literature supporting the core of each side of the topic. Our research emphasizes quality research and topic coverage. By including research from a critical angle - social, political, economic, and philosophical theory - our files will help you and your squad dig deeper into each topic and separates us from other brief companies. Stay ahead of the competition, and help advance the level of argumentation in Public Forum Debate. This file is scheduled for completion about 2 weeks before debate on the topic begins. We will also release Special Edition files for the NSDA National Tournament in June.

Of course, we want to continue to improve. Please send your suggestions to

Those of you familiar with from recent years know that Bob Jordan launched the site from Springfield, Missouri many years ago as a pioneer in Public Forum Debate. The site provided an invaluable resource for PF coaches and debaters around the country. Bob's work on Crossfire Briefs as well as his regular topic analysis moved the event forward, and they will be deeply missed. Sadly, the Public Forum community lost Mr. Jordan in late 2011. 

The re-launch of came in Summer 2012 under new ownership. We think you'll like our vision of the site moving forward. We will continue to work over the coming months and years to develop new options for improving our offerings. We have exciting plans in store, and we will remain dedicated to listening to your needs.



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